Ecoliving eco:oil®

Goldpine eco:oil® is a natural product designed to protect all outdoor timber products. Whether you have furniture, gates, decking or trellis, eco:oil® will protect your investment for year to come. Don’t forget to talk to your outdoor timber specialist today about what this product can do for you.
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Natural product with a transparent finish

A completely natural product with no harsh chemicals or colouring pigments added. The natural clear finish will highlight the timber’s grain. With no harmful chemicals added, eco:oil®, once dry, is safe for human, animals and plants.

What's the eco:oil® difference?

Penetrates and Protects

eco:oil® penetrates deeply, reducing splitting and protecting the timber from within. The added protection of zinc helps protect against prolonged exposure to UV rays.

“ I appreciate the great range of products Goldpine has in store. I find the Goldpine team helpful and friendly and the opening hours are a massive bonus too.”

– Russell Buschl, Nelson